Back Pain – Is There A Solution For A Pain Free Life?

The odds of finding anyone who hasn’t had any back pain problems in some form or way would be just as hard as picking all the winning numbers in a lottery. Every back pain sufferer past or present has its own story and I’m no exception. What brings on the pain? Is it some physical activity like picking up a heavy object or twisting the wrong way, or are there other reasons? The way I got it was giving a safety instruction on how to start a chain saw. There was this sensational strike like lightning hits as I pulled the starter cord in a squatting position.

The pain was so strong and overpowering almost indescribable. I broke out in a cold sweat and my body started to shiver. Somehow there is a trigger that brings on this pain, and yet I have started thousands of engines like this or similar ones before.

The question is: What causes the pain in the first place?

After an extensive learning curve and research of the mystery about back pain it has put some light on those dark spots with some answers and options.

Having a strong body, being on a good diet, exercising regularly, and enjoying overall good health doesn’t mean you can’t become a victim of back pain.

The spine consists of many interlocking pieces such as the vertebrae, muscles, facet joints, ligaments, tendos and intervertebral discs, not necessary in that order. Pain is most likely caused by a trigger when any of these components malfunctions.

The facet joints surrounded with nerves become irritated by friction between the joints and this is causing pain. Diseases such as osteoarthritis can cause the discs to swell or bulge and putting pressure on nerves. In many other instances bones can rub against one another when the vertebrae become misaligned.

Being overweight can make back pain worse. The muscles have to work harder to carry and move that extra weight, and this is often true for pregnant women who are known to suffer from lower back pain.

In case of practising active sport one would think the opposite, but active sports people put themselves in a greater likelihood to experience back pain because they over-exert and strain their bodies more often. However, this is not to say to let the pendulum swing too far the other way and become a couch surfer. Severe back pain does need some of rest, but in the long run too much rest or even long bed rest can actually cause more problems making pain worse.

Just something simple like your wallet in the hip pocket; by sitting and driving a car for some distance it can make a curvature of the spine. Instead the spine going straight up and down, the unevenness through the wallet will change that between the neck and the tailbone. This is not to say the lack of money in your wallet is causing this, it’s more the many plastic cards most of us carry these days making the wallet bulky, it makes seating uneven and creates a pressure point.

Pain is a message sent by your body!

No one knows your body better than yourself. Pain is the body’s way of saying there is something out of balance and this does not only apply to back pain; a healthy body is usually pain-free.

The first effectively way of dealing with pain is to know and to work with the cause, rather just treating the symptom with medication or painkillers.

Not every back pain is the same nor is it caused from the same thing; there are many unknown factors and there are no answers or explanations for some of them.

Any medication prescribed for back pain does not do anything to help the underlying problem, and that includes cortisone injections. Taking pain medication or having injections will not cure the problem.

Remember, your back pain may have taken a long time to develop, or it came as fast as flicking a switch. Whether it came slow or fast, it will take longer to go away.

Stress could also be a cause. Evaluate the stress and emotions in your life and try to approach them in a positive way.

Though diet doesn’t cause back pain but it can help to make it worse. It would be wise to check the diet you are on. There are many things in food that could increase inflammation and would worsen the situation.

Implementing dietary changes such as vitamins and minerals will add to a quicker healing process. Our body needs good natural wholesome food that gives healing power. Multivitamins and minerals in a natural liquid supplement can play a fundamental role in the healing and reducing of pain. A deep penetration of far-infrared therapy has also given some good relief and improved motion as well as the benefit from blood flow to the affected area. Cold and heat can also help with any inflammation; it depends on what type of back problem. The right type of exercise is a must and very effective, moving as much as possible with little rest periods in between is one of the better ways to recovery. I know it hurts! My recovery time was over four months without drugs, painkiller, doctors or surgery, and I’m glad now that I didn’t use any of them.

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